To Rise from the Ashes

A few days in town

the things you can discover

After spending a few more days with the miners and celebrating with G’Toch and his people, you head back to New Cyre to meet with Prince Oargev, resupply, and find answers to some pertinent questions.

The prince is interested by the sketches from the tomb walls, and suggests that perhaps some archaeologists or historians from one of Breland’s universities might want to see them. He’s very happy with your having further improved relations with the hobgoblins, and isn’t at all perturbed about you giving away an enchanted weapons – “such things are the price of diplomacy,” he says.

He’s also interested in the idea of investigating the rumors of Cyran POWs – in fact, he’s certain that they’re true, and most likely in Thrane. He seems to have a particular loathing for the Thranes, given that it was their leader, 100 years ago, who refused to accept Mishann’s rightful claim to the throne of Galifar, igniting the Last War. Mishann, as every good Cyran knows, was Cyre’s leader, and the next in line for the throne…until her brother from Thrane decided that 1000 years of tradition didn’t mean anything.

He is concerned about pushing too hard against Thrane, however, and is adamant that any such investigations would have to be covert in nature.


“OK boys, sounds like the Sons of Oblivion are going on a road trip! We should leave soon. We have a few miles to cover before we punch Thrane in the balls! I wonder what coin the prince will put forward for our brothers in arms…”

A few days in town

Starilaskur, almost directly north of New Cyre, is about 120 miles away, and Vathirond, northeast of that city, is another 250 miles. New Cyre is connected to Starilaskur by a secondary trade road, while the other two cities are connected by a well-traveled road. There are plenty of caravans running on both, as well as traffic by individuals, the army, the Houses, and others.

On another note, House Sivis just opened a messaging station in New Cyre – that happened around the time that you solved the murders. Prince Oargev has been actively courting the Houses in an attempt to get more business settled in the town.

As for coin and support for your journey, the Prince is willing to foot the bill for a trip to Starilaskur for the purpose of escorting and providing security for a small trade delegation he’s sending there. They’ll be there for several days and will then head back. You folks don’t need to head back with them – you’ll just piggy-back with their small caravan and the Prince will let you use some of his horses.

A few days in town

Also Meta
That will be an excellent cover for us since we’re supposed to be covert. Unfortunately, Amarack sees the mission as something more like the movie Uncommon Valor. If we find them, he may turn into Sailor and tell them, " You just bought yourself a whole can of whoopass!"

A few days in town

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