To Rise from the Ashes

Meta Post

Loose ends to consider; things to not forget

You needn’t respond to this post at all unless you’re moved to do so, as it’s just a list of some things that have come up over the last several sessions that are important to the story in the big and small pictures.

  • You experienced a mini-Mourning event in a cave. That’s not to be ignored.
  • Thaldayn is still in Drellin’s Crossing, unaware of the things you’ve learned of late
  • The Lord of Blades is very active in the western Mournland (and yes, I know I told you to stay away from there, but it’s still going on)
  • Assumed Project MAJESTIC sites exist in the Mournland and in Darguun
  • New Cyre is still trying to improve and deepen relations with Breland and other nations (big picture, I know, but worth considering, too)

The here & now is important, but since we’re trying to make this a campaign with a storyline that develops over time, we can’t forget the juicy details that appear over time.



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