To Rise from the Ashes

Break camp! We march!

...2 days prior...

Kurn’RA barked commands to his subordinate leaders, who immediately thereafter moved smartly to their troops to get them moving.

“On the bounce, you apes!” shouted one hobgoblin officer, “we’ve got baldies to slaughter!,” receiving a hearty war-whoop in response.
Troops in the immediate area struck and stowed their gear while runners had already taken off to alert other units in the area – the land prevented large forces from gathering, which actually worked to their advantage, enabling them to easily spread across the region while maintaining contact through scouts and arcane means in some instances.

Kurn’RA was pleased with what he saw, and within 30 minutes his forces were ready to march through the darkness toward their objective – the first major one in their operation. He knew that the other units under his command would be in place, ready to strike to take ground, confuse the enemy, and achieve their ends.

The OO’ would be pleased.



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