To Rise from the Ashes

Cullin's Gorge

the old stone bridge


The bridge, supposedly built by dwarf contractors many centuries ago, is no longer maintained by Breland, and in fact is generally avoided due to its state of decay and the fact that few people go through the Crownwood. It’s about 10 feet wide, and there’s a one-story building on the north side, west of the trail, where the toll keeper/engineer used to live. Story has it that Breland stopped maintaining it over a century ago, but no one’s certain.

FYI: Cullin’s Gorge is named after Brango Cullin, supposedly an early settler and noble in these parts who was known for his defeat of hobgoblins and other beasties that menaced settlements in the region about 1000 years ago. The Cullin family seems to have either long ago moved away or died out.


Scouting through the Crownwood, making our way to Cullin’s Gorge, Amarack whispers a reply to their discussion of duty versus desire.
“I completely understand your point, my heart aches to return as well, but the Prince told us that we were to assist these Brels at Drellin’s Crossing. If somehow we could serve both by diverting our coarse to New Cyre, I would happily travel there instead. As much as it would gall me to go alone while you two went to aid the Prince, I would happily fulfill our duty by returning with intel. I would leave as soon as this was completed and join you there.”
Noticing the silence and the distant look in the wizard’s eyes, Amarack prompts, “What does the eye see, brother?”

Cullin's Gorge

“I have the bridge in view, and there appears to be three Hobgoblins guarding the south end. I am moving my view forward, can’t see too well with it being dark and cloudy. Ahh yes, and on the North end there’s a…” Luc trails off, stopping and puts his hand to his chin considering something for a moment.

Cullin's Gorge

Luc’s hand drops to his side and appears to be lost in a vision standing mouth agape. “Such a beautiful creature” He stands, lost in the moment before shaking his head, eyes coming back into focus to look at Amarack and Deaton. “There appears to be a young red or bronze dragon on the North side of the bridge. It is perched on a column near an old house on the north end of the bridge.”

Cullin's Gorge

“Brothers, this crossing will likely be of great import to any army invading from this direction. We cannot hold this bridge against any sizable number of troops, but I don’t think it would require much more than a few thunderous barrages from Luc’s magic to bring it down.
So, militarily I see that we can drop the bridge from this side or that, but we will have to deal with the wyrm either way.
What say you, my brothers.”

Cullin's Gorge

“I am all for attacking, but my spells are gone for the day”

Cullin's Gorge

“It is also then true that the hobs would have to shift their troops to Drellin’s Crossing to move into Breland. That town may already be lost, but we may be able to drop this bridge and meet up with Thaldayne…and maybe convince them to evacuate to New Cyre. It’s a long shot, but what alternative do we have? Perhaps we can accomplish both objectives.”
Amarack turns to Luc, “what have you left in your arsenal? If not more than a few spells, we would better serve both purposes by resting before executing the next step.”
Then back to Deaton, “should Luc find his inventory depleted can you find us a safe place nearby to rest before we attack?” Amarack asked out of friendship knowing full well the expertise of his comrade.

Cullin's Gorge

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