To Rise from the Ashes

Meanwhile, near the Toppled Tree Mine had proceeded apace for months...

Allyn knew it was the only way, if there was to be any hope at all. Rourke had two men – two strong, fast men who’d served as runners before, knew the land between the hills and New Cyre, and were tough and wily enough to make it back. Maybe.

The miners had collapsed the entrance to the mine and continued to hang their hopes on a few things: that the goblins would not find the stope, that they rotten critters wouldn’t find another means of entry, and that their food and water wouldn’t run out before relief came.

If news of their plight ever reached New Cyre, that is.
It’d been a few days already since their supply wagon had been attacked, and then the two camps. The hordes came on quickly and aggressively, and even with guards and men taking up arms their numbers were too great and their surprise too decisive. Seeking shelter in the mine itself was their only option aside from surrender, which was not an option – everyone knew goblins enjoyed eating their captives.

And so the two young miners – one of them from that group of POWs freed from Thrane, in fact – crouched before Allyn as they decided on a plan, general routes for them, and gave them what useful supplies were at hand. They’d take different routes, and their departure would be from the stope, to the west of the main entrance and uphill, and from the small tunnel to the south that was the original means by which the mine was found – where the spiders had been several months before. If they headed out separately, and stealthily, maybe they’d make it.


Sounds like we need to head out to Darguun right after we get back home. Killin’ plants and geblies! I wonder if we could count on our new friend and his clan to take on a goblin tribe?


Remember: Darguun is on the other side of the Seawall Mountains, which are almost 100 miles of successive ridge lines, valleys, and rough terrain that separate Breland from the former southern provinces of Cyre. You can rattle about Darguun all you want…but it’s those mountains you’ll meet, and will have to best, first.


Baryn held still in the underbrush as the goblins passed by, some distance down the hill from him. He’d made it a few miles from the mine, and every step he could take north would bring him closer to the edge of their territory. Almost two days had passed since his escape from the mine and he was thirsty, hungry, and exhausted. He also knew that a stream was only a mile or two in front of him, and if he could get it it’d mean water and a break in his trail. He kept telling himself that if he could make it there, he’d make it home.

The wretched creatures kept moving east as he watched, waiting for the right moment to move. Trapped as he was for the moment, his mind wandered to a thought of Ovran, the other runner – where was he? Had he made better progress? There was no desire for glory or victory at this point – only a desire to make it home alive. If Ovran made it there first, so much the better – it just didn’t matter.

Waiting…waiting until the sun was a little higher in the morning sky, and then he’d make his move…


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