To Rise from the Ashes

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the sick bastard!

New Cyre was abuzz with the news that the murderer had been captured. Word of the sting operation launched by the Metrol Watch spread by late morning, and although there was revulsion at the crimes and the man behind them, and the fact that he was a government official, the cachet of the Metrol Watch grew quickly.

By late in the day Prince Oargev made a public announcement that a trial would be held and conducted “according to the highest ideals and traditions of Cyran justice.” In the case of this sort of crime, an official inquiry would be overseen by a prosecutor (the town has one), who would determine if the evidence available was enough to hold a trial. The prosecutor would recommend the charge and sentence to the crown, which would then, on behalf of the people, order the trial. The trial would include witnesses, presentation of evidence, and would be itself overseen by a judge, who would then present all the findings and a recommendation to the crown – that is, the prince – who would then decide guilt or innocence.

Given the profile of the crimes and the alleged perp, the small size of New Cyre and the relatively slow news week, this would probably all take place within the next week. Already people began talking of the construction of a set of gallows, as New Cyre did not have any, while others talked of wanting to bring back some of the older forms of execution, like drawing & quartering or other nasty means from Cyre’s past.

Some people made attempts over the days to make conversation about the crime with Amarack as he went about his regular business; and some few also tried to talk up Deaton Fameleux, although his normally taciturn demeanor kept most people away. A slight buzz of talk persisted about the girl involved in the sting, and where she might be…but no one seemed to recognize or know her.


META: I don’t think we need to leave New Cyre with a Caravan just yet, it seems innocent enough with the outcome. Do you guys agree?

"String'm up!"

Seated on stools in the stilted shack, the three gathered. “Alright! A success for the people of New Cyre!” He leaned back against the wall feeling accomplished. It had been a bumpy ride, but they had don it.

Luc turns to Amarack “Shield Amarack, are you not considered one of the senior members of the Host in New Cyre? I also wonder if Prince Oargev is a follower, and may need counsel from said senior member of the local clergy?”

“On another note, I think the river may be a resource that our good Cyrans have overlooked. Let’s brainstorm what the river may offer, and/or what can be used for. I think at the very least we may be able to encourage some of the locals to begin fishing to help supplement the dining quality and diets of our people.” Deaton looked at Luc “You mean we are to be fisherman?” Luc scoffs “Oh no! We will only be the motivators, it may take us simply showing them that it is available, then encourage them to do it for income. If I remember right, there is a fish that only swims locally and seems to not move to other locales. I know it is odd, but it seems to happen.”

"String'm up!"

The most senior member of the Host is Brother Maymuiex (mayMYOO). He’s no battle cleric, but he’s been of the cloth for about 30 years. He’s Cyran, and came to the town shortly after its founding to establish the temple. He was in Aundair when the Mourning happened, at a large church function – like a big meeting of cardinals, to draw a comparison. He is the most senior Cyran member of the Host’s clergy, although he’s more of a monk than a priest. Still, he’s doing a decent job.

The fish of which you speak is the ‘Seawall Freshwater Chub,’ and is pretty common in these waters. And there are fishermen – your countrymen aren’t that dense. The fishing mostly feeds people and provides fertilizer for the fields at this point. There is some river traffic between Sterngate to the southwest and Kennrun to the northeast for trade purposes. The river has always connected those two towns, and now that New Cyre exists it’s starting to play more of a role in that relationship.

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The Seawall Freshwater Chub, it is edible?

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You bet. There’s a popular local recipe called ’Chub’n Chips’ served at Mahlwahl, the nicest (actually only) inn in Bergen.

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