To Rise from the Ashes

The Manor House, partially explored

some things confirmed; new questions arise

I’m going to summarize this outside of the story, otherwise I think it would be a very long post.

Deaton, Luc, and Amarack explored the foyer and main room downstairs. The body had a permanent speaking stone in its hand, along with a key in its belt pouch. There were a few everbright lanterns and other light-emitting surfaces in the room, all dulled as if the magic had been partially drained. Luc also found a magic pen that he later discovered could write in invisible and disappearing ink. The group decided to go downstairs, through a locked door under the stairs, into the basement. The key in the dead guy’s pocket opened the stout door, and down the stairs they went.

The primary basement was a mostly typical storage room, with jarred food and other household supplies. There were also some larger boxes that looked a little out of place. A pair of large doors were on the southern wall, and through those they went to find something of a loading dock-style room, complete with a ramp that led up to a pair of cellar doors they’d seen outside. The room had in it a two-person carriage, which was later found to have 100GP plus documents and maps and spoiled rations hidden under its seat; there was also a large wall rack of clothing – coats, cloaks, and other varied clothes – some with hidden pockets containing more money. A work table was also there, concealed from outside view through the cellar doors by a wooden wall.

Luc found a glamoured secret door in the back, wooden, wall, and was able to open it and then Deaton was able to pick the lock on the strong door. Amarack, while this was going on, found more odd clothing and personal items, mostly boxed by type, in some of the crates in the primary basement. He also found a dumb waiter in the corner, seemingly to allow stores to be brought up to the kitchen and food to be brought down to the basement.

When the heavy door was picked and pushed open, the backside of it showed evidence of an ad hoc attempt to further bar it, with some boards nailed into the frame. On the other side there was a room with some tables and a couch, and two doors – one normal-sized, on the the right, and other other in the back wall consisting of two larger doors on a sliding rail. There were three bodies – two male humans and a half-elf female. The female was gripping another sending stone, the mate of the one found upstairs, and in it were stored two messages: one from Luc – “who dares, wins” muttered in an attempt to open-sesame the door; and other other left from years in the past: “I can see a wave! It’s massive! Sovereigns save us…it’s here – around me! I…” the man’s voice, strained with fear and every ounce of resolve he had left, was almost drowned out in the last seconds by a roar.

Thaldayn, throughout this, was usually a room or two behind them, keeping watch.

The three proceeded through the regular door and found a suite of four small sleeping rooms arrayed around a central work room, complete with maps, fake documents, intel reports, and other leftovers of a clandestine operations safe house. Luc took note of the types and quantity of documents for later perusal.

Finally, all four of them decided to go through the two sliding doors, which were sealed together with a gilded painting of the arms of Cyre, with the Five Crowns insignia – that of the Cyran intel agency. The doors were also sealed all around by a thick wax. With some prying and pulling they dragged them apart, and shedding light into the next room revealed a floating head/mouth beastie, about 3 feet across, with four eye-stalks waving in the air. The thing’s main eye and four satellite eyes glowed in the darkness, and it told them in a deep, monotone telepathic voice to stop, that they were not to enter unless authorized, and that they’d face attack if they did. The telepathic voice was accompanied by an unintelligible buzzing/chattering voice. Conversation with the thing was business-only, with it refusing to reveal details of its “contract” and it being clear that they were not allowed in the room unless they could provide “authorization.” It was also clear to Amarack, after a prolonged attempt to talk with the thing, that it was purely alien in intellect.

Leaving the thing to its darkness, they closed the doors and decided to explore more of the house. The wind/wailing sound had continued, and they found its source in the well-appointed attic suite, where a windstorm/ghost woman was wailing about, kicking up lavender dust and screaming about how Cyre was dead. She attacked, and Luc and Amarack fought back, eventually destroying her. In the next room they found the corpse of an old, seemingly sickly woman who, it appeared to Deaton, had poisoned herself with wine and a deadly powder. The 2nd floor of the main house had nice rooms in it – they types that the permanent residents would have used.

The one-story building between the main house and the other one was split in two – partially a kitchen & entertainment staff prep area, and the other a gallery of art. Following the latter route they group went found that half of the other building’s first floor was an open entertainment area, complete with more art, some musical instruments, and four decorative suits of armor, which all attacked when the group entered the room. Despite their good attempts, the team got whooped on some, with Amarack taking a bell-ringer to the head and a few body blows, knocking him out. Once the group retreated from the room the suits went back to their corners.

And that’s where we ended. The group decided to stay the night in the spy quarters downstairs, and to reverently move and cover the three bodies – don’t know where you’d decided to put them, however. Remember that damage can only be healed using HD up to half your maximum. Deaton and Thaldayn have not taken damage yet so that doesn’t impact them, but Luc and Amarack are both limited to half HP at this point. There are a ton of documents in the hidden room, no food that’s not spoiled, and only seemingly fouled (or at least stale) water.

What are you going to do? You’ve explored most of the main house – you never went through the southern doors out of the entry room on the first floor – and you’ve not made it to the roof of the connecting building, nor the other rooms or upstairs area(s) of the northern entertainment building. We can take care of a lot of exploration and documents-digging online…let’s do that.


“What ever we do, I can’t go back into the room upstairs with the old lady…”

META: Major PTSD episode.

After a fitful night’s sleep, full of strange dreams and memories, Thaldayn isn’t feeling rested at all. Somewhere inside though his anger at the destruction of his home spurs him on. Looking at the rest of the group he states emphatically, “I know we have more to do, but I really think we should explore the rest and lay to rest our Cyran brothers and sisters. It’s the right thing to do”, “I say we start with a careful examination of the areas beyond the southern doors to finish the main floor before moving on to other areas”

Thaldayn looks around at his companions for their thoughts


“The old lady is dead, twice over. No need to worry about her coming back to haunt us. Regarding the bodies, are you wanting to bury them in the backyard or something?”


“Thank you Luc…reassuring, but I would just assume not to disturb her.”

“I am sure I can find tools to dig graves for all of these Cyrans. Amarack, do you have a preference for burial and rites? I just don’t feel good about leaving them ‘in state’. They deserve a proper burial.”


“I buy the suits of armor being regular house security. I’ve seen them before as a guard. What that eye-beast was, however, seems to be extreme, even for the most prominent house security.”


“I would be honored to perform the rites for our brethren. If you’ll forgive me, in my current state, I will need to bow out of the digging of their graves.” Amarack, in an attempt to clear his double vision, shakes his head and immediately regrets it. Waves of dizziness wash over him and he staggers up against a nearby wall for support.
“The remaining rooms should be given at least a ‘once over’ before we tackle anything else.” Winding down from the dizziness, the priest rejoins his comrades and rubs his aching, bruised melon.
“As far as the super-security system goes, I’d like to rest up a little and then see if Luc can get his magic hand into the room without triggering the floating creeper.”


“My Mage Hand will gladly comply, but what do you propose to put in the hand?”


“Thank you Amarack”, Thaldayn offers a steadying arm for support. “I can get the graves dug myself, you are certainly in no condition, please rest”.

Thaldayn searches for tools to dig and a spot behind the manor house to bury their nation’s kin.


There are five bodies: the three in the basement; one in the foyer; and the lady in the attic. The soil around here isn’t that hard, so digging shouldn’t take too long. Moving the bodies, however, will be quite a task. There are tools in the basement.


Meta: could be difficult, but it won’t be with levitate. Cast it on the couch, or something flat, and push it around putting the bodies on it.


“I think Amarack was wanting to see if your hand triggers the beast, Luc. But, I’m thinking someone around here has authorization paperwork. I’ll busy myself with looking for that for the moment. I know the types of places my old employers would have kept such things to keep them out of reach of greedy hands. I can’t imagine this family would be any less cautious”


There are a few things going on here, potentially – please help me iron out your plans and priorities.

  1. Bury the Cyran bodies – who’s going to do that?
  2. Poke the animated suits of armor with a stick, or a Mage Hand or something
  3. Go looking for “authorization paperwork,” as Deaton put it, and try to get past the beastie in the basement without it attacking
  4. Poke the beastie in the basement with a stick or a Mage Hand and see what it does or whom it disintegrates

Limited time, limited resources…what are you going to do?


1. Amarack & Thal will be moving around a levitated scrap of wood (door maybe) and going to bury the bodies.

2. Luc will be gauging the animated suits with a mage hand.

3. Deaton is looking for paperwork.

4. We are done messing w/ the beholder for the time being.


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