To Rise from the Ashes

The Tomb of T'Rach, 2nd OO' of the Str'Tach Dynasty

A tomb, partially looted...are there still secrets within?

The team methodically moved from tunnel to tunnel, trying to discover a way into the mountain and whatever it held. Of the six tunnels, the first 4 led to what amounted to death traps, all in the form of vertical shafts and smooth floors. The unwary explorer would find a sudden and nasty way down, one way, in those. The fifth tunnel, on the right side of the entry chamber, led deeper into the mountain, and showed the same signs of some improvement to a natural tunnel, along with regular chalk marks, up to a point – this had been surveyed, and recently.

Some distance after the last chalk mark the tunnel ended in a chamber, within which was a doorway, about 5 feet wide, carved with ancient Dhakaani script and inlaid with reinforcing metal. After some time examining it, trying to find a switch or keyhole, and finally trying to force it open with a crowbar, Luc pulled out the party’s Knock scroll and read it. A loud “whack!” sound was heard, the script on the velum disappeared into the air as if fine fireplace ash, and nothing happened. Frustrated by their lack of progress and having just wasted a scroll, the party stood thinking for a moment.

Thaldayn – not always the most thoughtful of the group – piped up. “Those chalk marks stopped suddenly, and there’s nothing like that in here. Maybe that’s worth looking at again.” Lacking any other clear way forward, the team agreed and after some time carefully examining the tunnel discovered a hidden handle which, when pulled, opened an expertly-concealed secret door.

The hall behind it led quickly into a large chamber housing 12 separate mini-tombs, and the far end of the chamber was collapsed, buried under a long-ago cave in. There were also three ways out of the room: an open doorway on the left side, a door next to that, and an opening in the rubble in the back corner. Examining the room took a dangerous turn when a curious Deaton tripped a pressure plate in front of one of the tombs, which in turn opened 10 of the 12 doors, releasing zombie guards held within each. The fight was quick and decisive, led off with Amarack bathing the room with divine power, sending several of the creatures scurrying for the far exit into the rubble. The others, weakened by centuries in their tombs, were quickly cut down by the team.

Upon examination, the door led into a grave good storage room, with stations equal in number to the tombs just found. It had been recently looted of anything of value. The open doorway led to a reflection chamber of some sort, with images and carvings on the walls of hobgoblin majesty and conquest. A door led out of that room, deeper into the mountain.

Beyond that door was a long room with crumbling wooden benches along the walls and an empty font in the center. Amarack noted that it seemed like a room for ritual cleansing, common among the Dhakaani. Deciding that it was time to rudely mark the place, Luc, smirking and chuckling like a 13 year-old boy, began to urinate in the font, causing the fire trap in it to be triggered, burning him somewhat and Thaldayn more.

After an hour or so to recuperate and apply copious amounts of petroleum jelly to exposed, roasted skin, and dispatching the few zombies in the outer chamber, the team explored some more. Finding another chamber, also looted, they found no ways deeper into the mountain.


Beyond the rubble they found their greatest threat of the day, a bulette hiding amongst (and likely partially responsible for) the piles of broken rock. Leaping at Deaton, the vicious beast bit and clawed at everyone in range. Luc and Amarack expertly weaved spells that slowed it considerably and harried it with angelic spirits. Despite their coordination and heavy blows, the creature chomped down on Thaldayn, knocking him out, and then made to escape with its would-be meal. The others sprang into action, pursuing it and killing the creature.

Due to Thaldayn’s injuries and the overall fatigue of the party, they made their way back to the tumbler to spend the night, get cleaned up, and prepare for another day.

The name of the tomb – that is, based on its stated occupant – is evident from script in the room with the font and on most doorways throughout both the first and second level.


You know what else happened. I asked last night if someone else – sometimes – could do the write-up, or at least part. If any of you are moved to erase this and replace it with what happened on the 2nd level, please do so. Sometimes my creative energy for writing is low.

That said, you found nothing of value. The place has been looted, with the first level quite recently and the second level perhaps recently, perhaps long ago; it’s hard to tell. The second tomb on the second level is the one with the 8 foot tall armored guardian/statue/something or another. You’re about 25 feet from it at the doorway and it’s not moving.


Deaton says in a whisper “This could be bad, friends. The OO’ were born of prophecy and operated alongside the throne once every few generations. Their entire life is spent becoming divine war leaders. I suggest treading carefully, as I would bet that suit is not entirely decorative.”


The team awoke the next day, refreshed and ready to move forward. Amarack, the valiant priest of the host, Thaldayn, the stalwart bulwark of protection, Deaton, the deadly assassin, and Luc, the youthful pissing defiler, marched determinedly to the hallway beyond. Arriving upon a massive circular chamber, Deaton put his goggles of Night Vision to use describing what was once a circular staircase that lined the walls had since rotted and fell away. Doors dotted various places, but beyond stubs of beams jutting from the wall face, there seemed to be no easy way to get to them. Being the most agile, Deaton was promptly volunteered to take a rope and swing down to the closest door for inspection.


Thaldayn secured a piton into the wall then tied the rope off. Deaton shimmied down and began swinging back and forth until finally reaching the door and tying off the other end, the party made their way down the rope and into the hallway beyond.

Taking up point, Deaton moved to the left slowly, leading up to the first door. Entering the chamber, they found another sarcophagus like those previously encountered. It was then, Thaldayn’s axe alerted the party to impending danger when more Hobgoblin undead emerged looking for to kill. Amarack stepped up and called upon the Host to turn the foul creatures, sending them scurrying to the back wall and cowering from the divine light and power emanating from the priest. In what appeared a display to put his own version of fear into the enemy, Deaton ran forward and slammed his head into the sarcophagus. Unfortunately, it did not seemed to have the desired effect as the two who were unturned continued forward and the undead leader rasped orders in an unearthly voice. Luc, seeing the attempt at heroics, and not wanting to be outdone, moved forward preparing to breach the codpiece and piss on the sarcophagus, but hearing the commander’s rasps, thought better of it and unleashed a freezing ray of frost on it instead. The party quickly dispatched those facing them, then squared off and sent the remaining back to the hells they emerged from.


Inventorying the equipment, it was apparent that it was not worth the effort to haul out. It would seem, the Hobgoblin Plunderers really did their job in taking anything of value out with them.

The party emerged into the hallway again, moving back across, past the door, and to the “fresh” door opposite the previous skirmish. “Brothers, I’m not taking the piss with ya, but I am sensing some magic beyond this door. I can feel it even without weaving a dweomer. We need to be careful.” Luc scanned them nodding, while Deaton opened the door to reveal a room, similar to before but more ornate. Murals on the wall, and what appeared to be suits of armor standing at attention next to another sarcophagus. One larger than the others, when Luc muttered “Now, that might, or might not be an Iron Golem.”


Does anyone enter the room? Do any of you cast any spells or use any magic items? You’re standing in the doorway, looking into a dark chamber lit only by Amarack’s glowing mace. No one’s crossed the room’s threshold as of yet.


Would you describe the room of what we can see? Dimensions, portal sizes etc.?


It’s NOT the size of my garage.

It IS about 40 feet wide, perhaps 50 feet deep, with a slightly domed ceiling that’s about 20 feet in the middle of the room, and about 10 at the walls. The tomb in the center – with the door facing the doorway you mooks are in – is about 10×10.


No. 40 feet wide and 50 feet deep – it’s a rectangle with curved corners (that is, the room does not have sharp corners – they’re rounded).


Since no one has made a move, this is where we’ll start: you four standing in a doorway, about 8 feet wide it is, looking into a dark chamber. Amarack’s glowing mace illuminates the chamber up to the tomb just fine, and then dimly beyond that (unless I’ve got the numbers wrong, and then it’s all lit up). We’ll begin right there, and I’ve got the most updated version of Deaton, too.


It’s called a warhammer, hello…


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