To Rise from the Ashes

The tunnels kept going...

...and we're just not up to this

The note from the miners was short and specific, and included a simple map. The downward-sloping tunnel wasn’t that difficult to drain, at least enough to get through, and what they found on the other side was a surprise. It was obvious that the natural tunnels provided access to an improved, albeit likely ancient, set of larger tunnels. When they explored deeper into the hillside they found evidence of mining activity: a few tools, supports, and other long-forgotten implements and constructs.

It seemed that the spider tunnels connected with the end of a horizontal tunnel, probably the northern end of a set of improved tunnels. Coming topside, they searched among the hills and trees and found, about 1/2 mile to the south, a collapsed mine entrance, buried under rubble and dirt, with trees growing through the heap, obscuring it from easy notice.

The men believed that the old mine was of human construction, and probably hundreds of years old. Beyond that, they had little to add. They’d found evidence of living creatures: filth, more webs, and other refuse of beasts. After the death of Allyn they were unwilling to go any deeper into the tunnels without support – and who could blame them?

Prince Oargev, two days after his meeting with G’Toch, again dispatched Amarack, Deaton, and Luc to investigate the tunnels and, if possible, clear them in order that mining could begin. If precious metals or gems were in those hills, New Cyre would profit mightily.

You’ll have had two days after returning to town with G’Toch and getting back together with Deaton before the prince calls you to his house again and hands you the note and map from the miners. The map is pretty rough, and is only meant to show the openings relative to one another, and the tunnels that connect them underground. They’re not moving any deeper into those places until more muscle shows up.


Luc looks to the Prince “Your Eminence, how long until G’Toch figures out what we’re mining right under his nose?”

The tunnels kept going...

You guys are called to the prince’s place during the afternoon of the next day. He informs you that G’Toch has agreed to enter into an agreement with designated representatives of New Cyre (to be determined) to allow mining and related settlements in the area of the Seawall Mountains that his tribe claims. In return, he will have preferred trade status with merchants in New Cyre. The details of the deal aren’t worth going into beyond that; it’s enough that the prince and the hobgoblin have agreed to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

G’Toch is entirely aware of the mines, and will take a small cut of whatever is extracted from them, as a user fee for the land. Prince Oargev is fine with this, and agreeing to it shows that he is respectful of G’Toch’s claims.

The Seawall Mountains are a frontier between Breland and Darguun, so the fact that New Cyre is signing deals with what could be argued to be Brelish land is probably not a big deal. Probably.

The tunnels kept going...

Of course, with that logic, it could be argued that it is Darguun’ish land.

The tunnels kept going...

With improved logic, it’s Cyran land. Including the rest of Darguun, near as I can see. But, baby steps, of course. What do I know, though? I’m just a sword arm with light feet.

The tunnels kept going...

History lesson: Darguun was claimed by hobgoblins who seized land from a weakened Crye, not too many years ago, actually.

The tunnels kept going...

That’s why I think we should take it back to set up the New Cyran Nation (NCN, suggestions for a catchy acronym are welcome)! It’s got a coast, a defensible mountain range on the border and some forestry. Everything a nation needs to establish power and plot revenge! Plus we could take Eastern Breland pretty quickly if they don’t preemptively bolster defenses. Of course, we might end up needing their help, so there’s a chance for amends, I suppose. There’s just the pesky matter of clearing out the vermin that infested it. Of course, amassing a force large enough to feasibly do this might be difficult right now. Not to mention gathering enough (New) Cyrans to populate and occupy the land with enough force to keep it. How many warforged are alive and walking around, I wonder? Not to mention skilled Cyrans that were abroad when The Mourning happened. Best to keep this kind of talk behind closed doors, friends. Once we can keep them safe, it’s probably best to start asking Cyrans to come home. Yes, best to keep this behind closed doors, indeed. It won’t be long before they catch wind! There will be ears everywhere then! P.S. I may have been chewing on a bit of hasteroot I acquired earlier. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not making sense!

The tunnels kept going...

How true is this in relation to our setting?
More specifically: Darguun consists of three regions: the Seawall Mountains, the northern plains, and the southern wilderness. Most of the nation’s population lives in the mountains and along the two major rivers, the Ghaal and the Torlaac. The nation is home to three major goblinoid tribes and the various clans associated with them. These tribes are the Ghaal’dar clans of the lowlands, the Dhakaani clans who rule the mountain depths, and the highland clans of the Marguul.
In the Seawall Mountains, goblinoid tribes and clans continue to live as they have for the last few centuries. They spend most of their time fighting each other, following the law of the strong survive.

The tunnels kept going...

I’ve no idea. I’ve not read anything from that site. Don’t count on any of that.

The tunnels kept going...

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