Anson Mount

Orphanmaster of the Inn of the Second Home


A dark, brooding man, Anson has a devout deep-seated faith in the Host. Early in his arrival to New Cyre, Brother Maymuiex figured the best answer to this lost soul was to give him children to oversee, and provide him a purpose. The good Brother was right, it took most of his dark ramblings, and evil visions away, but was unable to remove his love for alcohol. While he is a functional drunk, he has proven very capable of maintaining himself and keep good overseeing of the children under his care. Although there are many nights he can be found in a drunken sleep, unable to be woken.

Anson runs the orphanage with good order, a Drill Sergeant in the Cyran Army, he keeps the children active, clean (as possible), and the orphanage clean. Not a loud man, he is known to be very firm, but very fair.


Anson is the Orphanmaster of the Inn of the Second Home, and previously served Cyre as an Officer of the Cyran army. Known to have a large family, all his boys of age were serving in the Cyran army, and the remaining children were at home with their Mother on the Day of Mourning. As far as he knows, they were all taken by the mists on that fateful day. Anson himself was spared as his unit was actually located out of the Mists.

Anson has instituted a bi-weekly Big Brothers/Big Sisters mentor program. Individuals who have shown interest submit a request to Anson, where he determines their request, and if accepted they come down to the orphanage for a bi-weekly event to get to know the kids. It is a brunch affair, where the children have caught fish and have them cooked up for the accepted Big Brothers/Big Sisters to come down and meet them. In doing so, the individuals can then play with the kids, and possibly pick a couple out that they would like to take during the week. The screening process helps to keep individuals with unsavory intentions out of the mix, and the pairing helps to promote the kids get the sense of what it is like to have someone to look up to.

Monthly scavenger hunt and games. This is a brunch potluck where all of New Cyre is invited to come down to join in on a scavenger hunt (much like an Easter egg hunt) that is broken up by age group, usually up to about age 12 are allowed to participate while the older kids help organize and run the hunt. There are also other games to help keep the attendees occupied. This promotes the people of New Cyre in getting to know the children of the war, helps families get to know them with the end hope of adoption. Adoption is done similarly to the screening of the mentor process, as Anson does have a good heart even if it is surrounded by a hardened exterior.

The Church of the Host helps tremendously in the efforts, and through kind donations the orphanage has survived.

Anson Mount

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