Nina Taerings ir'Strach

Well-connected noblewoman


One of the most comely and charismatic women in New Cyre, Taerings ir’Strach is about 5’5", pleasantly curvy, and has an electrifying gaze and smile. She typically speaks quietly, drawing in her conversational partners to close proximity with her.


The Taerings family of the ir’Strach clan has always had good relations with their Brelish cousins, and even during the war the family worked behind the scenes and across borders to try and secure peace between the nations, or at least a lack active war.

Nina was secretly visiting distant noble cousins in Vathirond when the Mourning occured. She was sheltered by them for some time, and several months ago made her way to New Cyre, where she has set herself up as a patron of a few businesses and symbol of stability – or, at least, that’s what she’s trying to do.

She typically stays in establishments of The Bluffs or Bergen, and travels with some frequency to other locales in Breland.

Nina Taerings ir'Strach

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