To Rise from the Ashes

A Victory, a Setback

we'll have to redeploy

The hobgoblin scout considered the idea of geography as he stood at the edge of the collapsed bridge. The crossing to the north was already in their hands, and the ford to the south, near the Cyran town, was not adequate – not for their plans. They would have to move their forces around and cross upriver.

He cursed and spat, frustrated that the team had been unable to hold the bridge – who’d taken it? Where was the wyvern? How had those hand-picked men and that great beast been defeated? He couldn’t see any useful evidence on the other side, and the idea of investigating the old building was moot at this point – 150 feet away might as well be 150 miles, given the gorge.

He turned to his men and thought about his next move. He only had one scroll, and it was for only the most important news, by his determination. This was important – critical. He’d send the message to the top of the chain of command immediately.

Moments later he and his squad were on the move again, swiftly galloping down the forest trail on their magebred mounts.

You found a whopping 42GP in total among the dead, and then the poison gland from the wyvern. The gland has 8 doses of the poison in it, and there is an apothecary in New Cyre that can extract and preserve the fluid, for a fee of 30GP. And remember, you’re all 8th level now.

You guys get fully rested at the inn and wake ready to go the next morning.


The next morning: “I feel like we’re much more useful hunting down Intel in the wood than sitting in an inn waiting to be summoned. It’s been a month since we saw that mist in the cave. The trail has gone cold, New Cyre is under threat, and instead of chasing leads, running counter-recon, or engaging directly we’re waiting in a room. The Sons of Oblivion! Expert thumb twiddlers. These damned ridge-headed mountain monkeys suddenly got so aggressi…. Why are they just now being so aggressive? The mine wasn’t enough of an offense to warrant such heavy troop movement. And I don’t recognize the clan sigil on their map and all of their gear. If they were a major clan I would’ve known it. Something else is going on. With the OO’s tomb getting en- do you think they’re following a new OO’s orders?”

Deaton speaks with changing volume as if intermittently consulting a small creature inside his head mid-sentence.

“Regardless, we could be taking out command ranks and making them think twice before moving forward instead of eating stew by a fire…”

Deaton settles back, obviously agitated.

A Victory, a Setback

Dar, the assistant manager of Beyendy’s (pronounced "be-end-ees), the nice inn located in Bergen, stays respectfully out of conversation range until Deaton is finished, and then uses the moment of silence to refill coffee mugs on the table and offer his thoughts.

“Many’s in the town that know what y’ve done over time – and it’s appreciated. You all know that,” he says quietly as he fills mugs.

“M’cousin’s out in the Fields – got a nice farmsted miles north’o’here. Says he’s seen somethings at night – been watched, y’know?” He stops and glances around before continuing.

“Just sayin’ it s’ya hear it – people’r glad you’re back,” he says through a lopsided smile before moving on to another table.

A Victory, a Setback

“We’re happy to be amongst our people. We’ve dedicated our lives to Cyre. I suppose we’ve been so active of late that it feels unsettling to pause. It’s important to remember that we’re fighting for a home and that this is it. Thank you.”

Deaton pauses, then starts again, “out of curiosity, what exactly has your cousin seen?”

A Victory, a Setback

Dar motions ‘wait’ with a finger before heading off to take care of some other customers.

A few moments later he returns and sits down at an empty seat at the square table and leans forward over his own mug of joe.

“Seen some types at night, along the road – sure they’s hobs…sure of it,” he says, barely above a whisper.

“M’cousin fought the Thranes b’fore musterin’ out at war’s end – fought th’hobs, too, when they tried to add more to their stol’n lands – he knows’m well enough. If he say’sit’s hobs, it’s hobs,” he continues before grinning and downing some more coffee.

A Victory, a Setback

Deaton raises an eyebrow.

“Interesting. Who else is aware of this activity and where’s the farm?”

A Victory, a Setback

Dar says it’s known by many, but has happened of late. He became aware about two weeks ago.

The farm is out in the Western Fields, about two hours outside of town (NW) by horse, off the road to Starilaskur.

A Victory, a Setback

Deaton starts with Inpiration! He wins by adding to the story.

A Victory, a Setback

for asking a question?!?

A Victory, a Setback

….for giving me an opportunity to extend the story and introduce an NPC.

A Victory, a Setback

Crickets? Anyone….?

A Victory, a Setback

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