Khorvaire and the Lands Beyond

Lands and Nations of Eberron


Khorvaire is one of the largest, and perhaps the most civilized and well-documented, continents of Eberron. It has just emerged from a century-long war between the Five Nations, that ended only when Cyre was destroyed by the Mourning. Four years after the end of the Last War, Khorvaire holds to a fragile peace, but intrigue, politics and occasional military clashes threaten to start the conflict all over again.

Aundair, one of the Five Nations of humanity, is a country of farmlands and vineyards, with a strong culture of craftsmen, academics, and magic. Although Aundair’s army is small, it held its own during the Last War with its skilled spellcasters and destructive magical weapons. Main Races: Humans, half-elves, elves, gnomes

Breland is a large and powerful country known for its ingenuity and diversity, and home to the largest city on Khorvaire – Sharn, the City of Towers. Breland emerged from the Last War as the most culturally and economically powerful of the Five Nations, and also the most interested in maintaining peace. Main Races: Humans, gnomes, half-elves

Darguun is home of most of Khorvaire’s goblins, Darguun is a savage nation ruled by goblinoid tribes who retook their ancestral homelands from Cyre during the Last War. The tribes come together in a loose alliance to govern Darguun and export the power of their mercenary troops. Main Races: Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears

The Demon Wastes are a barren, volcanic wasteland in Khorvaire’s north, where demons and other monsters roam. Tribes of orcs clash with barbaric humans and tieflings here for dominance and in the service of demonic masters. Main Races: Humans, orcs, tieflings

Droaam, originally part of Breland, was claimed by powerful monsters during the Last War, who now seek political recognition for the warbands and creatures that call it home. Main Races: Gnolls, orcs, goblins, minotaurs

The Eldeen Reaches comprise a great stretch of forests and woods, home to scattered villages and druidic sects. Once part of Aundair, the Eldeen Reaches claimed independence during the Last War, and is now a major agricultural nation of Khorvaire. Main Races: Humans, half-elves, shifters

Karrnath is a military dictatorship and the strongest military power remaining after the Last War. Its harsh climate belies the strong national pride of its citizens, some of whom volunteer to be reanimated as undead warriors in its service. Main Races: Humans, dwarves, halflings

The Lhazaar Principalities is a loose confederacy of pirate lords, sea barons and merchant princes govern this group of small island nation states off Khorvaire’s northwestern coast. The Principalities are home to many traders, small cities, ancient ruins and rival seafarers. Main Races: Humans, gnomes, half-elves, changelings

The Mournland, formerly known as Cyre, was perhaps the greatest of the Five Nations, until it was devastated by a magical cataclysm in the final years of the Last War. Now it is a wasteland overrun with horrors and monsters, and the few remaining survivors are refugees scattered across Khorvaire. Main Races: Warforged, refugees of various races (mostly human)

The Mror Holds are the ancestral homelands of the dwarves, governed by their great clans and home to their mines and banking operations. The Holds are old allies of Karrnath but are major business partners with nearly all the nations of Khorvaire. Main Races: Dwarves, humans, orcs

Q’barra is a frontier nation recently settled by humans seeking a safe haven from the Last War. Q’barra’s jungles are also home to many tribes of lizardfolk who occasionally clash with the settlers. Main Races: lizardfolk, humans

The Shadow Marches are a large region of swampland that are home to most of Khorvaire’s orc tribes. With the discovery of large dragonshard fields, humans have moved into the Marches, allying and interbreeding with the orcs. Main Races: Orcs, humans, half-orcs

The Talenta Plains are sweeping grasslands and the homelands of most of Khorvaire’s halflings, who live in nomadic tribes that tame and hunt the local dinosaurs. Main Races: Halflings, humans

Thrane was originally a monarchy like the rest of the Five Nations, and has become a theocracy controlled by the Church of the Silver Flame. The Church preaches a message of fighting evil, but this has made Thrane somewhat insular compared to its rivals. Main Races: Humans, half-elves

Valenar is a small nation carved from Cyre during the Last War by a sect of elven mercenaries from Aerenal. Their warbands now live a militaristic lifestyle that pits them against their neighbors (especially Darguun) in pursuit of personal glory. Main Races: Elves, humans, half-elves

Zilargo is a tiny nation is the home of Khorvaire’s gnomes, who excel in industry, trade and the collection of knowledge. Main Races: Gnomes, humans, dwarves

Lands Beyond Khorvaire


This island continent is the isolationist kingdom of the elves, who colonized its exotic jungles millenia ago after fleeing Xen’drik. The elves of Aerenal are ancestor worshippers, who revere their dead with their necromantic arts. Main Races: Elves


The continent of the dragons is a mystery to the civilized folk of Khorvaire, and its master do not allow visitors. It is also home to barbaric tribes of humans who worship the dragons as gods and do their bidding. Main Races: dragons, humans


Humanity migrated from Sarlona to Khorvaire tens of thousands of years ago. Now this exotic continent is dominated by the nation of Riedra, whose psionic leaders wage war against the semi-human kalashtar. Main Races: Humans, shifters, kalashtar


Lying far to the the south of Khorvaire, Xen’drik is a jungle continent of vast size and varying climate. Xen’drik’s coastline has been mapped, but its interior remains largely unexplored, and the continent has a reputation as a land of secrets, danger, and mystery. Xen’drik and Khorvaire are separated by Shargon’s Teeth and the Thunder Sea.

Sahuagin tribes guard the seas between Khorvaire and Xen’drik. Some tribes attack any who attempt to reach Xen’drik; others work as guides, often trading, assisting, and negotiating deals with explorers and merchants.

Xen’drik was once home to a civilization of giants, but this civilization fell into ruin some forty thousand years ago. Primitive remnants of the giant civilization still exist within the land’s jungles and mountains. Tribes of drow, those remaining from the enslaved elves of yore, also live among the ruins of the giant civilization, possessing the most advanced society on Xen’drik.

The trade city of Stormreach is located at the northernmost point of Xen’drik, and is the only modern city on the continent.

Ravaged by ancient magic that damaged reality, Xen’drik is a continent of contradictory and impossible geography. Deserts lie next to glaciers that turn into jungles and then volcanoes, with little rhyme or reason.

Making things even more confusing, and cartography nearly impossible, is the supernatural effect locals call the Traveller’s Curse. The Curse twists time, space and distance, so that two journeys never take the same time or go through the same locations. A trip that takes four days and passes through jungle may take two weeks and a dozen climates on the way back. Maps are rarely useful, native guides only slightly better, and every expedition has the chance of stumbling over an untouched ruin – or vanishing, never to be found again.

Khorvaire and the Lands Beyond

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