New Cyre

Population: 5000 – 85% human, 8% elf/half-elf, 5% dwarf, 2% other.
Founded: 997
Government: Blended Monarchy – prince as ruler with council providing advice and consent on many issues.
Alignment: Chaotic
Economic Cornerstones: Farming, local craftsmen, some magic
Reputation: Refugee camp barely scraping by.

Places of Note

New Cyre was founded about a few months after the Last War ended, although ‘founded’ is a less precise word than ‘formalized.’ King Boranel of Breland, in an act of decency, formally recognized Prince Oargev’s authority over the refugee shanty, treating a set amount of acreage in the vicinity as a client state, much like an embassy. Over the last year, some governmental services have been established, creating some level of order, and things have begun to stabilize. Cyran refugees from a few other camps joined with those already at New Cyre, and the city has grown at an uneven rate as new groups arrive now and again.

The town sits on the northern edge of the northern foothills of the Seawall Mountains, and is bisected from east to west by the fast-flowing but relatively narrow Shrike River. The town consists of five somewhat distinct neighborhoods, detailed below.

  • The Bluffs – south of the river and sitting on the foothills are clusters of houses and what pass for public buildings. This is where the wealthy and powerful, for the most part, live, including Prince Oargev.
  • Sodden – at the base of the Bluffs, and also south of the river, this is the poorest, most crime-ridden neighborhood. When it rains, it floods, and many houses here are build on stilts – if they’re houses at all. There are still a great many tents and other temporary shelters that have long outlived their normal period of use, but are out of necessity still inhabited.
  • Misty Bottom – across the river from Sodden, this is where the working class live. It’s rustic, rough, and humble, but better organized than Sodden. It’s also on higher ground, which helps against flooding. Many here are trying to make a living around the river, looking to generate income through fishing, logging, and other work.
  • Bergen – south of Misty Bottom on the north side of the river, Bergen is named after a suburb of Metrol, the old capital of Cyre. A wealthy merchant from there used his considerable assets to establish himself there, and has attracted what passes for a middle class. It’s a small area, but there’s room to grow to the north and west.
  • The Fields – less a neighborhood than a description of those areas outside the town proper, this corona of small farms and a mill or two is north and west of the town. Those who choose to try and live there do so because of their agricultural vocations, or some desire to be relatively on their own.

Attitudes of Most Cyrans

  • Aundair: We share a common heritage of arcane excellence with them, and we’d not fought them for some time when the war ended. Rumor has it that our people are treated relatively well there.
  • Breland: Once our enemy, they’ve reached out to us like no other. Maybe their motives are actually pure…maybe.
  • Darguun: Savage hobz – they stole land from Breland and occupy Southern Cyre. They’ll get theirs, one day.
  • Karrnath: Cultists and necromancers the whole lot of them. Rough around the edges, too – unrefined.
  • Thrane: These zealots still hold our countrymen captive – POWs from a war that’s over! They claim the moral high ground, and yet they employ the worst of means.
  • Valenar: Back-stabbing elf savages! We invite them to join our war effort, we pay them, and they seize our land and press their own agenda. Oddly, they seem to treat our people there with some measure of cold respect.

New Cyre

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